How Americans Pay for Health Care is Broken

• Yet another example of how our American health care payment systems are completely bonkers:

Goodbill researched hospital charges for a liter of saline; available online for about $10, some hospitals were charging many thousands of dollars (in one case $26,667.03!!!) for a bag of N.S.  Goodbill used the machine readable lists of hospital prices mandated by the Hospital Price Transparency Rule to grab the data.

What a mess.

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Thank you and best wishes, Tony Fauci

• I’ll be sad to see the wonderful Tony Fauci step down from his role at the NIAID.  He’s a wonderful man, and a true icon — especially for physicians like me who practiced through the beginnings of the AIDs epidemic and the subsequent discoveries of effective treatments. We’ll miss his resolute leadership and integrity.  He has a parting message “to the next generation of scientists and health workers” published in the NY Times.

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Give DJT his orange jumpsuit already…

• Philip Rotner, writing in The Bulwark, lays out an excellent timeline re. the evidence accumulated against the ex-president in the theft of government documents.   An excerpt:

‘The slow drip of information about Trump’s mishandling of those documents, which has lately become a gusher, seems to have had a hypnotic effect on the public. Each new piece of information is duly reported, but quickly cedes its place in the news cycle to the next one. The collective public reaction has become more “That’s Trump for ya!” than “Why isn’t this man in jail?”

He should be.

Take a step back. Get away from the drips and look at the complete picture revealed by a timeline of the saga of the stolen documents. Ask yourself, “What would the government have done to me if I had done this?”’

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Petrocorporate greenwashing

• Some things do stay the same – corporate whitewashing now extends to greenwashing, as petrochemical dollars are spent to slow electrification and obfuscate efforts to do so, all while trumpeting purported efforts to reduce emissions.

• House Oversight Committee Document release

• CNN on Big Oil disinformation

• Reuters on how old lobby teams up with fishing industry to fight offshore wind farms

• And a big culprit – the “Texas Public Policy Foundation

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How have we gotten here?

• Thomas Edsall has a good essay in the NYT, where he wonders what it would take to remove the hold DJT apparently has on so many.   Edsall’s last paragraph sums up my question nicely:

“Which gets to the larger question that supersedes all the ins and outs of the maneuvering over the Republican presidential nomination and the future of the party: How, in a matter of less than a decade, could this once-proud country have evolved to the point at which there is a serious debate over choosing a presidential candidate who is a lifelong opportunist, a pathological and malignant narcissist, a sociopath, a serial liar, a philanderer, a tax cheat who does not pay his bills, a man who socializes with Holocaust deniers, who has pardoned his criminal allies, who encouraged a violent insurrection, who, behind a wall of bodyguards, is a coward and who, without remorse, continuously undermines American democracy?”

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