Things I like enough to recommend:

Comet Watching

• Neowise is growing dimmer, so if you get the chance, take the opportunity to see one of the solar system’s great shows, a comet close enough to be seen, tail and all, with the naked eye. I took this last night at Sepiessa.

Daring Fireball

One of my favorite blogs, John Gruber’s Daring Fireball is smart, entertaining, and always a treat (especially if you like things Apple). Check it out.

Words from “Donald Trump is Our National Catastrophe”

Though I often disagree with Brett Stephens, I certainly am in accord with the main thrust of his most recent opinion piece in the NYT – Donald Trump IS indeed our national catastrophe, a man who generally acts with malice toward all and charity for none: Donald Trump is Our National Catastrophe. These words from the column also resonated with me: “What does one learn when reading great political speeches and writings? That well-chosen words are the way by which past deeds acquire meaning and future deeds acquire purpose.” Among his many other failings, Trump can’t ever seem to find well-chosen words.

The Weeds

• Not that I’m stuck on Vox, but Matt Yglesias’s The Weeds biweekly podcast also has intelligent, in-depth discussions of topical interest with capable guests; access via  Website or iTunes

Long Point

A restful day at Long Point.   I’ve always found sitting on the beach, listening to and watching the ocean, very meditative.

The Gene: An Intimate History

• I thought this was an outstanding, thorough, and accessible synthesis of the history and science of genetics, interwoven with stories that demonstrated points made and enlivened the read. I don’t know how Siddhartha Mukherjee could possibly find the time to work as a clinician and research and write both this book and The Emperor of All Maladies; however he managed it, they are outstanding reads. Brilliant work! The Gene, ISBN 978-1476733500.