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The University of Liverpool Drug Interaction Group has created a free online tool to check for drug interactions with nirmatrelvir-ritonavir and other COVID-19 drugs.


• Jeremy Faust remarks in his Inside Medicine blog on how much air exchange can affect Covid-19 transmission (as expected, it makes a big difference).

• Heather does a nice job laying out the Russian connections with the House’s absurdist Biden bribery investigation (just one more in a series of Republican show investigations) see her latest Letters from an American.

Matt Yglesias explains why DJT’s proposed tariffs are inefficient, will raise prices and are bad for consumers – in effect a highly regressive tax.

“Most studies indicate that the price of Trump’s tariffs have been primarily born by American consumers (American Action Forum, Cato Institute, Tax Foundation)…So it’s really worth saying that whatever you make of industrial policy, what Trump is suggesting is not a remotely strategic approach to national economic development. If anything, Trump’s entire trade agenda — not only these tariffs, but things like his 2020 effort to score a giant sale of soybeans to China — is geared around de-industrializing the United States and turning us into a primary commodity exporter…The right’s intellectual trajectory on these topics is somewhat alarming. Everyone in DC understands that Trump did not come up with this policy proposal based on any kind of detailed study of the issue. Unless it benefits him personally, Trump just pulls ideas out of his ass because he likes the vibe.”

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   Molly White riffs on Web3:

    Let’s just say it’s not all rosy in Web3’s not-so-meta world; caveat emptor…

   Howard Oakley’s Eclectic Light Mac Feed:

    Always lots of good Mac OS insights here…