• Once more, Linda Greenhouse in the NYT masterfully opines on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings (How Low Will Senate Republicans Go on Ketanji Brown Jackson?).  Her conclusion:

“But here’s a judgment I can make with confidence: If and when Senators Cruz, Graham and the rest of them seek redemption for their behavior last week, they won’t find it.”

I’d also recommend Frank Bruni’s writings on the fantastical textings of Ginni Thomas in the Times.  An excerpt:

“There’s no entertaining the thought that a majority of your fellow Americans may not share your views. In an age of extreme narcissism, that’s unimaginable, impossible, phantasmagorical.

If the polls cast you in the minority, they’re wrong. If the vote runs contrary to your desires, it’s rigged. Or those fellow Americans just don’t matter, not like you do. You’re on the side of the angels. They’re trying to shepherd everyone into the abyss.”