The problem with Republicans

Peter Wehner puts the problem of Congressional Republican self interest vs. that of the the common good very well in his NYT opinion piece What in the World Happened to Elise Stefanik?:

“Ms. Stefanik’s story is important in part because it mirrors that of so many other Republicans. They, like Ms. Stefanik, are opportunists, living completely in the moment, shifting their personas to advance their immediate political self-interests. A commitment to ethical conduct, a devotion to the common good and fidelity to truth appear to have no intrinsic worth to them. These qualities are mere instrumentalities, used when helpful but discarded when inconvenient.”

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Remember the following when it comes time to vote.  Well summarized by Heather Cox Richardson in her July 23 Letters from an American:

“In the House, Republicans voted against federal protection of an individual’s right to choose whether to continue or end a pregnancy and to protect a health care provider’s ability to provide abortion services: 209 Republicans voted no; 2 didn’t vote. That’s 99% of House Republicans.

They voted against the right to use contraception: 195 out of 209 Republicans voted no; 2 didn’t vote. That’s 96% of House Republicans.

They voted against marriage equality: 157 out of 204 Republicans voted no; 7 didn’t vote. That’s 77% of House Republicans.

They voted against a bill guaranteeing a woman’s right to travel across state lines to obtain abortion services: 205 out of 208 Republicans voted no; 3 didn’t vote. That’s 97% of House Republicans.”

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Yes, we really need to improve domestic semiconductor manufacturing

• Congress really does need to get its act together and pass something that will improve latest-generation 5nm domestic semiconductor manufacturing.  I didn’t realize this bill was still stuck in reconciliation (H.R. 6359 and S. 3331), as David Leonhardt reports in his NYT The Morning newsletter.  This is an extremely important measure for domestic security, as we currently have zero domestic latest-gen chip manufacturing facilities. Haven’t we just learned the perils of the over-extended supply chain?

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Yikes…but I guess not unexpected

Eugene Robinson, writing in the Washington Post, quotes the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution in describing how Georgia US Senate candidate Herschel Walker (supported, natch, by DJT) explained his views on the mechanics of climate change to a group of Republican activists:

“We don’t control the air. Our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad air has got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then, now, we’ve got we to clean that back up.”

Enough said.

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